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Footjob techniques

1. The Arch Fuck:

This consists of a woman placing her feet side by side to make a tight opening between her arches. This allows for the natural curve of the arches to create a vaginal-like opening for the cock to be inserted through and/or stroked by the feet. The tilt of the feet can create a variety of tensions from tight to loose depending on height of the arches for personalized stimulation.

2. The Grip:

This technique consists of a woman placing her heels and soles together, knees out. This places all the toes pad to pad, and in a manner a grip. She spreads her toes to allow for the cock shaft, and then she can grip the shaft with her toes. This allows for stroking and fucking of the shaft, and the tension can vary across the ten toes creating a deliciously individual feeling. Any woman is left in a relatively lustful and lewd position allowing for simultaneous visual stimulation for the man.

3. The Sole Slide:

This technique begins with the man lying on his back with his legs spread slightly apart. The woman sits between his legs for full access to his manhood. She places her feet on either side of his shaft as it lays extended up his stomach. In this position, her feet can be placed so that from heel to toes her soles are running up the entire length of each side of the cock. Good lube is essential as the entire length of the sole is allowed access to his sensitive shaft for a good stroking motion. This allows him to lay back and enjoy as each wrinkle of soft sole flesh runs smoothly across his cock.

4. The Toe Jam:

I have always found this one more difficult, but it appears to work well for women who are able to get a real full spread to their toes! Basically, the woman spreads her toes to allow cock head and shaft access to be pinched or squeezed between the toes. The pace between the big toe and second toe is the most common target, but you less gifted gentlemen may be able to squeeze in between a few others. Of course, if the woman has rather large feet and toes, she may be able to accommodate between all of her toes! I find that a good pinch just below the cock head so that the underside of the shaft rubs the fleshy web between the toes is the most effective technique.

5. The Sole-icious Hump:

This footjob technique is easier on the woman. She simply lays face down on the bed or counter, something that places her feet at a good height. Her legs are straight, and her feet together. The man simply rubs or humps his cock against the outstretched soles of her feet. A great variation on this is for you to point your toes ladies, so that your toes can brush and stimulate his balls. His cock will often find the space between the arches as well, so that he feels your soft, supple soles and arches acting like a custom pussy. I have been told that the site of his cock against my soles and toes in this position alone is enough to produce a tremendous orgasm!

Originally writen by Sexy Michele


Introduction to footjob

First of all, make sure your feet are nice and soft – you might get a pedicure, or get your boyfriend to learn how to give them. Right before you give him a footjob, wash your feet with warm to hot water – or better yet get him to wash your feet – this will soften them up and make the experience more pleasurable for him. The foot-washing doesn’t have to involve a fancy newfangled foot bath machine, but a little bit of a foot massage in the mix might be nice too.

The two most crucial things in giving a successful footjob are positioning your body so your legs don’t give out on you, and finding a foot-on-cock technique that works for both you and your guy. Both of these will require some experimenting. Just as with a handjob, it’s a good idea to use plenty of lube on both your feet and his cock – this will make things a lot easier. Ok: so you’ve got soft sexy feet, lube and a guy excited about your feet. Now things get tricky.

The first big challenge is what the hell kind of position you need to be in to make this venture successful. Some of this will be determined by whether or not your guy is submissive – if he is he may want you to be above him and doing most of the work. If he isn’t he might get more into fucking your feet. A more active position for him would involve you lying down and him guiding your feet and his cock. One way to do it is for both of you to be lying on your backs, with your feet close to each other. You should put the soles of your feet together lightly, lube them up and then let him hold your feet and slide his cock between them, basically fucking in between your two arches. Visually this one is pretty hot, and your guy will be able to control the kind of stimulation he’s getting, plus he’ll be able to massage your feet as he’s doing it. Another variation of this foot-fucking is for you to lie on your stomach and bend your knees, keeping your feet close together. He can then get on his knees behind you (like doggie style, but with feet) and hold your feet in the right position to maximize his pleasure. Both of these positions are pretty low impact on you – they will give him the foot experience but won’t stress you out terribly about the finer points of technique and toe manipulation.

If he is submissive, or if you want to control most of what’s going on, you can try a different position that will be a lot more work for you, but could be lots of fun and good practice on the toe dexterity front. You should have him lie or sit on the floor in front of you as you sit in a chair or stool above him. I find that a medium height stool works best – if you’re sitting in a chair that would allow you to put your feet flat on the floor, doing the footjob won’t work too well because you’ll kind of have to hold your legs up in an awkward and muscle taxing way. So – get a medium stool, or experiment with sitting on some phone books to get the right height. One you’ve got the right height and leverage – here comes the tricky part.

Unless you are totally awesome, your toes probably aren’t as dexterous as your fingers, so though feet and hands are in the same family, they aren’t capable of the same things unless your toes get a lot of practice. A good move to start with is to get his penis in a position so that it’s pointing towards his bellybutton and slowly rub your toes and ball of your foot up from his balls towards the tip of his cock. A variation on this simple stroke is – if possible with the anatomy of your feet and the shape of his cock – slip his cock between your big toe and your pointer toe and stroke him that way. This is a pretty simple way to touch his cock with your feet that will probably feel pretty good to him. Vary the stroking with wiggling your toes on his frenum, the loose flap of skin on the underside of the penis where the glans meets the shaft and is connected to the foreskin (if there is one). Though of course this isn’t applicable to ALL foot fetishists, if your guy is like many foot fetishists, he’ll be in heaven with the combination of you using the sole of your foot and wiggling your toes. You might try using your other foot to lightly press down on his balls.

Another thing you can try is while letting his erection stand up, use the big toe/pointer toe to grasp the bas of his cock while teasing his foot with the arch of your other foot. You can also try to use both feet to stroke his cock downwards – this is more of a free form kind of stroke, so just try to concentrate on his reactions and see what he likes best.

Last but certainly not least, you should ask your boyfriend how he’d like to be touched, what parts of your feet he finds the most sexy, etc. This conversation will serve to inform you better about his fetish and what he likes and could also serve as some good dirty talk if you play your cards right.

Originally writen by Audacia Ray

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